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Warbie Yama is about the humorous, warm and endless stories of Warbie, a cheeky bird who everyone can relate to. Warbie and Yama are the original characters from “Cheez...z”, an award-winning animated short film created by an Emmy Award nominated Animator, Arut Tantasirin.
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It's me, Warbie!

Warbie is a yellow bird who shows his signature side-eye when he knows what others are up to. Warbie is very playful and often gets himself into trouble. Although he may seem mischievous, Warbie has a good heart that brings joy to people.
Yama is a kind and smiley old man who loves sketching nature and taking photos everywhere he goes. Yama came back to reside peacefully in his hometown after a long life journey. Yama loves Warbie even though he often gets teased by him.
Phebie is Warbie’s close friend, a cheerful pink bird who can be clumsy and sensitive sometimes. Phebie follows Warbie out from their secret world and is adored by people in the town.
Mali is a passionate tailor lady who exudes love and enjoys making clothes for people. Mali treasures spending her time riding bicycles with Yama. She adores Warbie and feels the power of his spirit.


© Arwama / Arut Tantasirin

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