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"Cheez...z" is an award-winning animated short film created by Arut Tantasirin, an Emmy Award nominated Animator. Arut started designing Warbie (bird) and Yama (old man) characters in 2007, after he got the inspiration from walking around Japan Town area in San Francisco. The story is about Yama, an old man who tries to get a nice photo of Warbie, the cheeky little bird with the twist that delivered good message to children and audiences. The film has been screened in the film festivals, theatre and art museum, mostly in USA.
Cheez...z has received many awards and selections from many film festivals including:

- ION International Film Festival -Best Animation
- Kids First Film Festival - Best Animation
- Burbank International Film Festival
- Angelus Student Film Festival - Finalist
- New Orleans Film Festival
- Northwest Animation Festival.
- Nashville Film Festival.
- Savannah International Animation Festival.
- Indie Spirit Film Festival.
- Ojai Film Festival
- Red Stick International Animation Festival
- WoodHole Film Festival

- Cody Theatre - Featured opening film.

© Arut Tantasirin

"Arrival" Short Animation (2020)

Warbie is on the new journey! Please enjoy!

Copyright © Arwama / Arut Tantasirin

"Warbie Japan Expo" Short Animation

Warbie got invited by Mu-Chan and Gen-Kun to join their annual JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2018 in Bangkok.

Let's see how he manages to get there!

Animation and original song "Warbie's Journey" created and composed by Arut Tantasirin.

Starring: Warbie, Mr. Yama, Mu Chan and Gen Kun.

Copyright © Arwama / Arut Tantasirin

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