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Warbie in his Tinie-T tiger costume! This special costume is fun and detachable from Warbie plushy. It can bring you joy and be a perfect gift for your love ones!


Note: You can also purchase the Tinie-T Costume separately if you've already owned Warbie Plushy.

About Warbie & Tinie-T collection

Warbie’s new friend is here! A miniature naughty tiger ‘Tinie-T’. One good weather day, Warbie is enjoying his nap while sunbathing in the green forest. He wakes up suddenly once something fluffy lays down on his tummy. It’s Tinie T, mini tiger with red ribbon tie who keeps clinging to Warbie even he tries to hide away. Warbie finally falls for Tinie-T’s liveliness.

Warbie & Tinie-T Plushy (15inches)

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