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Warbie & Tinie-T acrylic keychain


Full color, 2 sides printing on acrylic with metal hook.


Available in 4 designs :

001 Warbie signature standing + naughty Tinie-T tiger   (2pieces in chain)
002 Warbie enjoy playing with fan + naughty Tinie-T tiger   (2pieces in chain)
003 Tinie-T riding Warbie  (1 piece in chain)
004 Tinie-T cling on Warbie back   (1 piece in chain)
Special offer for Set of 4 (full collection) 


About Warbie & Tinie-T collection

Warbie’s new friend is here! A miniature naughty tiger ‘Tinie-T’. One good weather day, Warbie is enjoying his nap while sunbathing in the green forest. He wakes up suddenly once something fluffy lays down on his tummy. It’s Tinie T, mini tiger with red ribbon tie who keeps clinging to Warbie even he tries to hide away. Warbie finally falls for Tinie-T’s liveliness.


Size: 4cm 


Direction : Please remove protective film on clear side before use.


Designed in USA. / special made in Thailand

Warbie acrylic keychain

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