Warbie Yama is about a funny, warm and endless story of Warbie, a cheeky bird who has become part of everyone’s life. Warbie and Yama are the original characters from “Cheez...z”, an award-winning animated short film created by an Emmy Award nominated Animator, Arut Tantasirin.



It's me, Warbie!

Warbie is a cheeky yellow bird who always side-eye when he knows what other is up to. He has a good heart and enjoys eating so much that often get himself into trouble.
Yama is a kind and smiley oldman who loves taking photos everywhere he goes. He loves Warbie even though he often gets teased by him.
Phebie is Warbie’s close friend, a cheerful pink bird who thinks she is the most charming person in the world. Althought, she can be clumsy and sensitive sometimes.
Mali is a passionate tailor lady who gives love and enjoy making clothes for people. She loves spending her time riding bicycle with Yama. 


© Arwama / Arut Tantasirin


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